The Transrational Numbers as an Abstract Data Type


  • Jan Aldert Bergstra University of Amsterdam
  • John V. Tucker Swansea University



rational numbers, arithmetical structures, division by zero, meadows, wheels, transrationals, equational specification, initial algebra semantics


In an arithmetical structure one can make division a total function by defining 1/0 to be an element of the structure, or by adding a new element, such as an error element also denoted with a new constant symbol, an unsigned infinity or one or both signed infinities, one positive and one negative. We define an enlargement of a field to a transfield, in which division is totalised by setting 1/0 equal to the positive infinite value and -1/0 equal to its opposite, and which also contains an error element to help control their effects. We construct the transrational numbers as a transfield of the field of rational numbers and consider it as an abstract data type. We give it an equational specification under initial algebra semantics.




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Bergstra, J. A., & Tucker, J. V. (2020). The Transrational Numbers as an Abstract Data Type. Transmathematica.



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