Information for Journal Mangers

Transmathematica has journal managers who administer the journal's software. This is a very responsible role because journal managers have the technical ability to carry out any function within the journal. Journal managers are appointed by invitation.

We recommend that journal managers read about the journal's system and then study all of the system documentation and some free modules in the PKP School. Begin by navigating to the school's Register page and fill in your details. Your registration will be assessed by an administrator. It can take from several hours to several days to be approved. Your school registration is completely different from your journal registration. When you have your school registration, you are ready to study. We recommend the courses Setting up a Journal in OSJ 3 and Editorial Workflow in OSJ 3.

We encourage our journal managers to take part in the PKP Community Forum.

Journal Managers should familiarise themselves with the journal's iThenticate plagiarism detection system.