Information for Reviewers

Are you interested in reviewing for Transmathematica? By volunteering as a reviewer, you help maintain the standards of the journal and gain personal benefits. You will have early access to research, before it is published, and will interact with many of the leading people in total systems, who also work for the journal.  If you choose to, you may have your biographical details published on the About | About_the_Journal page. This may help build your stature in the academic community and may contribute to academic promotions.

We recommend you study some free modules in the PKP School. Begin by navigating to the school's Register page and fill in your details. Your registration will be assessed by an administrator. It can take from several hours to several days to be approved. Your school registration is completely different from your journal registration. When you have your school registration, you are ready to study.

Even if you are an accomplished author, you may wish to review the course Writing for Publication. This will remind you what to look for in a submission and you may wish to recommend parts of the course to authors.

If you are new to reviewing, you may find it helpful to study the course Becoming a Reviewer. This course is quite long but provides a mass of detail about the theory of reviewing. It will be helpul to you if you review for any journal. The course is self-paced so you can take your time over it.

If you are new to reviewing for OJS journals, like Transmathematica, you will definitely find it helpful to study The Reviewer's Steps. This course is about seven minutes long. It is part of the very much longer course Editorial Workflow in OJS 3. These courses deal with the software used by Transmathematica and tens of thousands of journals worldwide.

Are you ready to become a reviewer? If you are not already registered with the journal then you need to Register now. Then email the Editor in Chief to offer to review for Transmathematica.