Information for Authors

Transmathematica, DOI Prefix 10.36285, ISSN 2632-9212, is an archival, Gold Open Access journal.

Gold access means that authors pay a fee to publish but there is no charge to read Transmathematica's articles. The current fees are explained on the About the Journal page. Authors retain copyright and, if appropriate, performance rights but licence the journal to publish submissions using an Attribution Share Alike licence CC BY-SA 4.0. The lead author is required to agree the licence terms during the submission process. 

All of the journal's publications are archived, in perpetuity, on PKP PN and FigShare. The journal is indexed by Google search and Google Scholar

If you maintain a repository of articles, we encourage you to store a copy of Transmathematica's formatted articles so that page numbering and hyperlinks are not disturbed in the copy. You may archive Transmathematica's LaTeX that is used to generate your formatted articles. You may produce derived works from your own text but if you produce derived works from Transmathematica's LaTeX or formatted articles then you must include a citation of Transmathematica's articles.

Are you interested in submitting to Transmathematica? We recommend you read the About the Journal page for Transmathematica's policies, procedures and fees, and then read the Author Guidelines. Authors need to Register with Transmathematica prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply Login and begin the five-step process in the menu About | Submissions. Note that all submissions are checked for plagiarims using iThenticate.

If you are new to writing academic papers, you might like to study some free modules in the PKP School. Begin by navigating to the school's Register page and fill in your details. Your registration will be assessed by an administrator. It can take from several hours to several days to be approved. Your school registration is completely different from your journal registration. When you have your school registration, you are ready to study. Begin with the course Writing for Publication then study any other courses, about the academic publication process, that interest you.

Authors may also submit proposals, information requests or complaints using the menu option About | Submissions.