The Transmathematica journal takes its name from transmathematics – a form of total mathematics. However, in keeping with a concern for totality, submissions about total systems in any field of human enquiry or endeavour are welcome. 

The journal will publish articles and digital works in the sciences, humanities and arts of total systems.


Total Systems

Total or exception-free systems are vital to our computerised society because they allow computers to be programmed so that they always work. 

This is useful in our everyday lives and it is profound. For example, totality means that mathematics and physics always work – no longer need our theories break down at singularities. This offers the tantalising prospect that a full understanding of black holes might come within our grasp. 

But the influence of totality is wider than any one science. The paradigm shift from today’s partial systems, which allow failure, to total systems, that always work, has consequences for the way society runs and the way we think about knowledge. 

This brings totality within the ambit of the humanities, such as philosophy and the history of science, but totality’s influence is wider still: it has already inspired works in the visual and performing arts.



The main language of the journal is English, but individual papers, recorded performances and special issues may be in any language supported by a Regional Editor.



All submissions are peer reviewed to the appropriate standard for their field and are published as soon as they are ready. Curated collections, such as conference proceedings, annual volumes and special issues are published shortly after the event.

Transmathematica is an open access publisher - which means there is no charge for readers. Publication takes place in the United Kingdom but the journal's servers are in Canada. 

All publications will be archived, in perpetuity, so that cost-free access is permanent. 


Money Matters

Transmathematica is currently funded by article processing fees charged to authors or their institutions. In the calendar year 2018 this fee is £300 Sterling + applicable taxes. The processing fee may be waived for impecunious authors who have prepared works of outstanding interest. The processing fee will be waived for all authors if there is sufficient sponsorship. 

Please contact the  Editor-in-Chief  if you wish to sponsor the journal so that it can offer free or reduced article processing and conference charges, or if you want the Transmathematica journal or society to run some special event.


Transmathematica Society

The Transmathematica society, founded in 2014, predates the journal, launching on 1st January 2018, and exists to advance the collective interests of people engaged with total systems.