Editorial Team

The Editor-in-Chief is an executive role, responsible for managing the Transmathematica journal and society. The consulting editors provide specialist services. The subject editors are responsible for managing submissions within their subject and for promoting special issues of the journal and special events of the society relating to their subject. The regional editors are responsible for promoting special issues of the journal relating to their region or in regional languages, and for organising special events of the society in their region. All editors are members of the Editorial Board and promote the Transmathematica journal and society.

Reviewers are free to retain anonymity or to be listed here with whatever biographical details they choose to disclose. Reviewers are not part of the Editorial Board. 

Editor-in-Chief, specialising in Transmathematics and Computer Science
Dr James A. D. W. Anderson
United Kingdom

Editor for the Arts
Dr Maira Fróes
Neuroscience and Arts
HCTE-LAMAE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

Editor for the Humanities, specialising in Logic and Philosophy
Dr Walter Gomide
Department of Philosophy
Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT)

Editor for the Sciences, specialising in Mathematics and Transmathematics
Dr Tiago Reis
Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio de Janeiro

Editor for Exascale Computing
Professor Vassil Alexandrov 
The Hartree Centre
Science & Technology Facilities Council
United Kingdom

Regional Editor for China, specialising in Computer Vision
Dr Lulu CHEN (陈璐璐)
School of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences
The University of Reading
United Kingdom

Consulting Editor and Regional Editor for Japan, specialising in Social Implications of Transmathematics
Dr Andrew A. Adams
Deputy Director of the Centre for Business Information Ethics
Meiji University

Regional Editor for The Netherlands, specialising in Physical Interpretations of Transmathematics
Dr. Christopher A. Tucker

Reviewer, specialising in Electrodynamics and Requirements Analysis
Dr Kenneth Boness

Reviewer, specialising in Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Jonathan Boyle

Reviewer, specialising in Computer Languages and Transmathematics
Stephen Leach

Former Members of the Editorial Team
If former members of the editorial team would like to re-join the team then plese email the Editor-in-Chief.

Salwa Musa (سلوى موسى), Regional Editor for Libya, specialising in Big Data
Toomas Plaks, Reviewer, specialising in Parallel Reconfigurable Systems
Dr Ana Sequeira, Regional Editor for Portugal, specialising in Computer Vision