Thought Experiment as a Logical Transformation in Transreal Logical Space

Re-Examining the Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen Paradox

  • Walter Gomide Federal University of Mato Grosso, UFMT


In this article, from the concepts of formal causality and logical transformation, defined with transreal numbers, I intend to re-analyze the famous Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen paradox (the EPR paradox), according to which Quantum Mechanics is incomplete. In order to make such an analysis of the paradox, I present a general definition of thought experiments, in terms of the concept of logical transformation in a transreal logical space, and show that the EPR paradox, in broad outlines, bases the incomplete character of Quantum Mechanics on the fact of not having a formal causality between the ideal and concrete worlds of quantum theory - these concepts, the “ideal and concrete worlds”, by their turn, are inspired by the work of the American physicist Wolfgang Smith.

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